"Ain't Life Grand" by Kathy Hoynes 2004

"Ain't Life Grand" by Kathy Hoynes  2004

23 February 2007


Dee is my quiet greyhound. I have never heard him bark. He will lie on the bed, barely lifting an ear when the pack begins a roo. He’s a big red fawn brindle who measures in at 30 inches at the shoulder and has an impressive 24 inch tail. He likes to run but is a bit of a klutz and always comes in with a scrape or two. I wonder if it’s because he has a vision problem that requires daily medication. Dee knows how to sit and can give his paw – either right or left – if asked. He’s not what you’d call a “chick dog” but he follows me around and snuggles up to me whenever possible. He’s also very fond of my mom who is just crazy about him and is always giving him treats. Dee is a very social greyhound who will happily stand for hours when we’re out and about, which I find odd as he’s the ultimate sleeper at home. And for some reason when he sleeps, all 90 pounds of him likes to sleep on me. Dee has big sad looking brown eyes and an eyebrow that occasionally wrinkles giving him that quizzical cartoon dog expression.
My old friends will understand how emotionally difficult it was for me to get to know Dee. I may have subconsciously not wanted to get too close as in almost every way Dee reminded me of Winston and it hurt a lot even looking at him. I would often burst out crying just giving him his eye drops. But as time passed, I found that Dee helped me overcome my feelings of loss and allowed me to remember all the fun, silly and happy times. In the process, I found I had been given the gift of a truly beautiful greyhound who I came to know and love for who he is.

Dee is very special to me because he brings to mind wonderful memories. But Dee is very special to me because he is Dee and is giving me wonderful new memories.

Huey, my foster (left) and Dee (right) in my pen & ink drawing "Waiting".

22 February 2007

AB comes to AZ

While reading The Arizona Republic, I learned that Aaron Brown will be joining the faculty at ASU’s school of journalism and will be speaking there on March 8. Well, well, well…as a devoted follower of Mr. Brown during his tenure at CNN and a faithful viewer of the lamented “News Night” this is definitely a bit of catnip I doubt I’ll be able to pass up. And you all thought I only got excited when Bruce Springsteen came to town. Wonder if my GMGP credentials can get me a back stage pass?


08 February 2007

In search of greyhound "stuff"

I enjoy finding unique and unusual greyhound related items aka greyhound "stuff". What greyhound owner doesn't? But when one of my favorite places is the source of a greyhound find...well that's even better.

I've long been a fan of Pewabic Pottery in Michigan and have a small collection. Their selection is always interesting, natural and really gives you the feeling of the beauty that you find across Michigan. While they have an on-line store, I breathed a huge sigh of relief to discover Pewabic in a Flagstaff boutique during a recent day trip.

The Pewabic gallery contains an adorable greyhound statue....

Oh my...I bet The GEM Babes from Greythounds of Eastern Michigan are making plans for a field trip to Pewabic right about now!! ;)


04 February 2007

Catching up

No, I haven't forgotten about all of you. Just been a tad busy. In Arizona, this time of year is the start of gardening season. Amid my blooming daffodils, I'm busily planting bulbs, snapdragons, herbs and plants I've never seen before let alone heard of. The pups have done their best to dig holes for me but unfortunately, not where I want them.

I've also been drawing like crazy. The West Coast Greyhound Gathering in Solvang, California is less than a month away. I'm doing logos for 2 upcoming greyhound events. One is still under wraps but here's my design for the 2007 Phoenix Invasion.

If you can't make the event, you can order a tshirt. Drop me an email at greyhoundstudies@yahoo.com and I'll tell you how to get one.
I'm also doing some non-greyhound related artwork. Other breeds, the Southwest and just some fun images.

This drawing was based on a photo from a Greytalk friend.

I'm very pleased with how this image worked.
Remy's been pretty busy as well. I know she's still writing her diaries and now she wants to be a dancer. Something about trying out for "Dancing With the Stars". Here we are - with Dee looking on - taking a twirl around the yard.

I've done more hiking the last few weeks. The weather has been perfect for it. On Friday I tried a longer trail that went up into the mountains.
OK...I'm not ready to scale Mt. Everest quite yet. But I did see a deer and took I did take a few photos along the way.

This weekend was our 12th Annual Chocolate Affaire - a little music, a little romance and a whole lotta chocolate. Chocolate covered everything. Strawberries. Cheesecake. Key Lime pie. Chips. Turtle crepes. Make your own heart shaped chocolate pizza. And all within 3 blocks of my house. Oh and the horse drawn carriages were back, too! The Chocolate Affaire was recently listed among the Top 100 Events in North America by the Washington Post. I did my best to up the weekend's chocolate consumption in addition to a bit of shopping.
Now, enough about me, what have you guys been up to? ;)