"Ain't Life Grand" by Kathy Hoynes 2004

"Ain't Life Grand" by Kathy Hoynes  2004

22 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, my company has skidaddled, the pup are all snoozing (and for some reason Remy has holed up in the closet) and the homeless kittys are enjoying a bit of turkey on the back porch. This year's turkey was 20 lbs. juicy goodness, my stuffing was yummy and for the second year in a row my gravy was perfect. Homemade gravy and I have never had a good relationship but lately it's a snap. All in all it was a ideal day. Tomorrow is the start of Glendale Glitters, our annual holiday festival and the zillions of lights throughtout the park and streets. It's really something to see and makes our evening stroll more enjoyable. I didn't think holidays without snow and 20 degree temps would feel right but as long as you are with those you love and you like where you are, you learn that the weather does not make the season.


05 November 2007

It was a dark and stormy night....

I attended the Arizona Adopt-A-Greyhound picnic on Saturday and as usual, it was a great day. I've met oodles of greyhound adopters since I've been out here but every now and then I get a knot in my stomach as none of these people will ever know the face that inspired every one of my t-shirt designs. True, I mention that the beautiful brindle on the pebble colour shirt is my first greyhound but it's not quite the same as when year after year friends would drop by my booth just to heap lots of love on my boy. His name was immediately recognized. He had an extended family who loved him as much as I did.

So as I vended at the AGGI picnic, you can imagine my shock when a voice called from the booth next to mine...

"I'd know that greyhound t-shirt anywhere. IT'S WINSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And there stood my old friends Pam and Chuck from Illinois. I'd met them at one of my first shows when their group, Greyhound Angels in Disguise (aka Greyhound A.I.D.) allowed me to share booth space with them at a pet fair. Back then everything I sold came in beige and my entire "empire" fit in a 14"x14" box. I'd last seen them in 2004 and knew they were moving but had no idea they'd ended up in Arizona. It was hugs and happy tears and we caught up on what was we'd found life to be like in Arizona and told each other about the new greyhounds in our lives.

I suppose that it was a most perfect pre-reminder of the fact that today, is the 11th anniversary of the dark and stormy night that my lovely Winston arrived on my doorstep. He was just a young, shy brindle pup in a yellow collar who didn't quite know what to make of this strange blond who was grinning from ear to ear. And you know, he always kept me smiling.

And tonight, as I always do, I will say a silent goodnight to Winston and tap the tags on his collar that is above my bed before I go to sleep. I will remember all the wonderful adventures we had. And I will be forever thankful to him for the joy he gave me and for being the most perfect greyhound. And I know tomorrow when I have my morning romp around the yard with Scotty, Dee, Remy, Harley, Nutmeg, Beauty, Blueberry, Bobo and Huey, that Winston, and Marty too, will be watching from a place just beyond the fig tree.