"Ain't Life Grand" by Kathy Hoynes 2004

"Ain't Life Grand" by Kathy Hoynes  2004

30 November 2006

Valley of the Sun my fanny!!

It's 7pm and The Weather Channel is telling me it's 50 degrees and will hit 31 tonight. That means BELOW freezing in ARIZONA!!!!!!!! I'm wearing a turtleneck, fuzzy socks and a fleece blanket. The heat's on. There is snow 1.5 hours north of me. And I'm ready to fire up the smudge pots for the oranges and cover up all the roses and herbs. Right now 4 of the pups are on the bed with me and a fifth is sizing up the only available corner.

If I wanted weather like this, I could have stayed in Chicago. Just call me a pasty white and freezing Midwesterner who's typing with her gloves on.


29 November 2006

I Blog, Therefore I Am

I'm not quite sure why I've decided to start a blog. It's not like I have this exciting jet-set life that everyone needs to read about. Frankly, I'm as dull as dirt and if it wasn't for a natural artistic ability and an amazing head of hair, I'd be indistinguishable from the wallpaper. As 90% of the population seems to be blogging and reading other people's blogs, I figured it was time to jump on the bandwagon. It's entirely possible that if 90% of the population jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, I may join in that as well.

So who am I?
My name's Kathy. I'm an artist and have been drawing ever since I can remember. Aside from eating a half a box of crayons at the age of 3, writing and staring in a commercial about voting and being nominated for a Dog Writer's Association of America Award for humorous illustration, my life has been fairly average. I was born and raised in Chicago and after my recent divorce, I've relocated to Arizona. It was time for new horizons and less humidity. It's amazing here - how many places have seasonal extremes of 30 to 118 degrees?? I'm surrounded by eucalyptus, orange, lemon, pecan and fig trees. No clue where to find a Newton tree. Gardening is a bit perplexing as it's totally opposite from what I did in the Midwest. Thankfully red geraniums and yellow snapdragons bloom like mad here so I'm not too lost. As the area is older, there's all sorts of trees and lots of grass. In short, nothing like the Southwest of my movie influenced imagination - not in my neighborhood anyway.

I'll be telling you more about the herd of greyhounds, as well as my beloved first greyhound Winston, in upcoming installments. Winston was with me for 8 years. He passed away in January 2005. For those chomping at the bit with wild anticipation, take a gander at my Greyhound Studies website www.greyhoundstudies.com for lots of photos, artwork and really cool shopping. Thank you for allowing me the shameless plug.

Well, it's almost time for dinner. On the menu tonight is BBQ'ed pulled pork with garlic toast. The pups will be having plain old kibble with turkey leftovers. Later tonight after I work on my newest commission - a stunning brindle greyhound named George - it's time for "Nip/Tuck" and the umteenth rerun of "Sex and the City". Like I said, I'm as dull as dirt!

Thanks for reading. Hope you got a chuckle or two. And please drop by again.


27 November 2006

Is This Thing On?

test...test...this is only a test.
If this had been an actual post...ok, enough with the lame comedy.

My blog postings will begin soon.