"Ain't Life Grand" by Kathy Hoynes 2004

"Ain't Life Grand" by Kathy Hoynes  2004

01 January 2012

Happy 2012 one and all.

I'm not too concerned about what the Mayan calendar prediction is but seriously, couldn't the end of the world come AFTER Christmas? Granted, we could all celebrate a month early. Nothing says "surprise" like opening gifts on November 25. And we would all have time to enjoy our goodies. Then if we all wake up on December 22, 2012, imagine all the joy we will bring the retail market as we dash around getting gifts, food staples and other assorted holiday fixins, not to mention the sales that will surely be in play. Think about it...Macy's One-Day End of the World Sale!!! Best Buy's Last Best Buys Ever!!! Tiffany's Buy 3/Get 1 Half Off!!! And could the end of the world even spark Louis Vuitton to have their first ever sale. Hummm...Have I just found the up side to the end of days???


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