"Ain't Life Grand" by Kathy Hoynes 2004

"Ain't Life Grand" by Kathy Hoynes  2004

11 March 2007

They say it's my birthday...

...and according to my birth certificate it is. As legend has it, there was a huge snowstorm in Chicago the night I was born. Considering my outdoor thermometer is reading a dry 86 degrees, I'm not too worried about that right now.

So far my grand birthday weekend has been a good one. I'm a Famous Dave's BBQ fan and have been a member of the P.I.G. Birthday Club for years. Each birthday, Dave emails me a birthday jingle and a mystery coupon. In past years it's been for a free desert, and Dave's deserts are as yummy as his BBQ. On Friday night, to kick off my birthday weekend, several of us headed off to Dave's to start a night of fun & frolic. I handed the waitress my mystery coupon. She returned a few moments later with a perplexed look on her face. Turns out I was not getting my usual free desert. I was getting a free All-American BBQ Feast Dinner for 5. The waitress mentioned that they had never had a Feast coupon before. Sounds like I got the golden ticket. Guess I know why they call it the P.I.G. Club!!!!

This morning each of the pups woke me up with birthday kisses. Their card was waiting by the coffee pot. I am continually amazed how they not only sign cards but manage to get them into a sealed envelope. There was also a note to look in the fridge, where I found my princess-themed birthday cupcakes. Hopefully this is an adorable tie-in to my Party Princess persona on Greyhounds Make Great Pets and not a subliminal reference to an unsightly personality trait. Either way it's a lot of frosting and I'm SO there! I have a surprise dinner in store for later this evening. I'm not sure where as it's a surprise.. or it is in Surprise????

And as to which birthday I'm celebrating...(why yes, Kathy, inquiring nosey minds need to know)...well in the words of my friend Pat, who said in all sincerity and sobriety last December "You're what? 36?" Gotta love a friend like that!!!!! So in order not to let Pat down, you may all wish me a happy 37th birthday.


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Robert said...

Hey this sounds great...and i'm sure you're having a great time...and hey you can also drop by my blog on Birthday Wishes and enjoy all the fun and laughter it's filled up with!!!