"Ain't Life Grand" by Kathy Hoynes 2004

"Ain't Life Grand" by Kathy Hoynes  2004

10 March 2007

Don't leave home without it!

I just want to fore warn you that I am NEVER going out of the house without make-up on ever again. Heck, I'm so traumatized that I had to trowel it on just to write today's blog entry.

On Friday I woke up bright and early. It was a beautiful morning. Sun shining. Birds chirping. Some even starting to build nests. The orange trees have started to bud and I could just faintly detect the scent of orange blossoms wafting across the yard. The pups had an orderly breakfast and Bobo had almost given me his paw but I'm guessing he had a leg cramp. I'd gone for my pre-birthday (March 11 and remember, nothing says "Happy Birthday" like cash) spa appointment and decided to do a quick shop-a-thon for my upcoming Las Vegas adventure. Trips are so much more fun with a brand new wardrobe. Strolling back home and successfully avoiding a stop for ice cream, I found myself face to face with a crew from the local news - Arizona 3 - who provide me with my nightly dose of "Sex & The City" reruns. They were doing interviews on safety in the Valley and wanted to know if they could interview me. Oh great... I still don't even know what Valley I live in!!!!! So there I am, about to have my 30 seconds of fame - and I'm not wearing make up. THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew I should have stopped for some plastic surgery while in LA last week. Sigh! I did my best Mariah Carey impression and made sure I kept my good side to the camera while praying they were filming from the neck up.

With luck I'll end up on the cutting room floor but I'm keeping myself glued to the new just in case. My friend Shannon is hoping my segment ends up on the Internet (over my dead body) while another pal, Ev said things could have been worse and at least I didn't run into an old boyfriend while not wearing any make-up.

So on the off chance you see some pale blonde that looks like me on the nightly news babbling about neighborhood safety, just turn the channel.


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